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New Book Makes the Case for Industrial Humanity’s Imminent Collapse

The case for the imminent collapse of human industrialism

The Case for Collapse

The industrialized way of life that we take for granted is unraveling toward collapse…

Reliance on non-renewable natural resources (NNRs), which enabled us to do more things than we did before we began that reliance, has made us vulnerable. Such reliance is a commitment to impermanence.”
— William R. Catton, Jr.
CATASAUQUA, PA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2023/ -- In his new book, “Industrialism – Our Commitment to Impermanence”, Chris Clugston makes the case for the complete and permanent collapse of human industrialism by the year 2050, as the inevitable consequence of our inherently unsustainable reliance upon finite, non-replenishing, and increasingly scarce NNRs (nonrenewable natural resources) – fossil fuels, metals, and nonmetallic minerals.

The REAL Inconvenient Truth

By choosing to industrialize, we Homo sapiens unwittingly made a commitment to impermanence. We adopted a self-terminating way of life, in which the finite and non-replenishing NNRs that enable our industrial existence, would inevitably become insufficient to do so.

Unfortunately, “inevitably” is NOW – Nature’s Squeeze is “on”.

About the Book

The case for imminent global societal collapse presented in “Industrialism” is based upon the causal relationship between increasingly pervasive global NNR scarcity and:

• Faltering global human prosperity – i.e., slowing economic growth and diminishing material living standards, and
• Deteriorating human cultural circumstances – i.e., increasing political instability, economic fragility, and societal volatility.

The book contains 250 pages of corroborating evidence, which is derived from meticulous primary research, and from scores of physical science and behavioral science scholars, researchers, and analysts affiliated with leading academic institutions, public and private research organizations, and industry associations.

“Industrialism” is available on Amazon and from other leading book retailers for $19.99. A downloadable overview of the case for imminent collapse is presented in the book’s Introduction.

About the Author

Since 2006, Chris Clugston has conducted extensive research into industrialism and its evolution, with a focus on:

• NNRs (nonrenewable natural resources) – the fossil fuels, metals, and nonmetallic minerals that comprise the infrastructure, machines, products, and
energy that enable and perpetuate our industrial existence, and
• Increasingly pervasive global NNR scarcity, and its implications for industrial humanity.

During the course of his research, Clugston developed an analytical framework for interpreting industrialism and its evolution from the ecological perspective – i.e., in terms of the evolving causal relationship between relative global NNR scarcity and industrial human prosperity.

Clugston’s work explains how our industrial existence is enabled, why it is self-terminating, and why it is unraveling toward imminent collapse. His previous writings include two books pertaining to increasingly pervasive global NNR scarcity, and its implications for industrial humanity:

• “Blip – Humanity’s 300 year self-terminating experiment with industrialism”, and
• “Scarcity – Humanity’s Final Chapter?”


Christopher Clugston
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